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Gaining permission from users

Many countries around the world have been tightening anti-spam rules. One of the key themes in all this is: companies need to get permission from users before sending them email broadcasts.

LassoMailer provides a list subscription API, with double opt-in as the default signup pathway. The double opt-in response can be configured to your own communication needs.

LassoMailer's administration of address import also requires you to confirm that you have received implied or express permission to communicate with the subscriber. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure you have permission from the recipients on your list.

Industry standards for email opening stats typically vary based on the industry. View rates for banking and marketing industries are typically under 10%. Computing related industries tend to have view raters of over 22%. The average click through rate is typically 2-3%. Keep in mind that all of these rates will change as the new anti-spam measures take place, and businesses purge their mailing list.

The positive effect is that the list will become 'more engaged'. You will have a higher view and click rate as you are only reaching those who are really engaged with the services and products you offer. The net result to your company or organization will be the same if not better in terms of sales or engagement, as you can fine tune your messaging based on an audience of willing recipients.

What is "Spam"?

According to the Industry Canada website:

Spam can be defined as any electronic commercial message sent without the express consent of the recipient(s). Spam is also used as the vehicle for the delivery of other online threats such as spyware, phishing and malware.

Important legislation to follow

Make time to familiarize yourself with the legislation appropriate for the regions you are communicating with. Note that some countries do not differentiate where your business resides, or where the sending or receiving servers are, but where the recipient resides. Each legislation has specific requitements but there are some common themes.

Some tips:

Don't buy lists

It may sound obvious, but don't use purchased lists - purchased lists are not by definition, opt-in. There are some situations where buying lists is legal, but the risks to your reputation are likely to offset your increased exposure.

Use appropriate subject lines

A misleading, confusing, provocative or inflamatory subject line will disengage users quickly, causing them to delete the email without reading, or report it as spam.

Send subscribers only what they have signed up to

If a subscriber has signed up for gardening newsletters, don't send them special offers about weight loss products!

If in doubt, don't send it.

Review your lists and broadcast, research your responsibilities in your own country, and in those of the countries you are sending to, and make sure you have proof of opt-in before sending.

LassoSoft is committed to supporting anti-spam legislation and those organizations like Spamhaus who work to make the world more spam free. Purchase or use of this software does not indicate tacit or implied support from LassoSoft of any illegal use.


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