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Time spent in learning is time gained in living.

Getting the most out of any software correlates with how much time you spend on learning it, and how 'easily learned' the software is. We only do short sessions (max of 3 hours) - Lasso is so easy to learn you can cover all the beginner basics in just 9 hours.

Offered in three levels, there's a level to suit the D-I-Y coder, the new developer, and those more experienced or switching from other languages like PHP.

Don't lose time to inefficient code or to building everything from scratch. Learn up!

Level 1 Sessions include:

Introduction to Lasso Series
CLD Test Preparation
Essentials of moving to Lasso 9
Connecting and using Lasso with your Datasource of choice:

Level 2 Sessions include:

Sending mail
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Building LassoApps

Level 3 Sessions include:

Multiple dispatch (Advanced Method Definition)
Regular Expressions in detail


Code Coaching

Stimulate your coding prowess.

Whether you have a one-time target that is stretching you, or a long term goal of achieving the highest coding standards you can reach - Code Coaching puts an expert on your side to stimulate and challenge your code knowledge and improve results.

You may have learned most of what you need, but have specific questions to be answered, or, you are branching into new technical areas: in these situations having a qualified and experienced Certified Lasso Developer as a code coach will take the guess work out of your next steps.

Available on-tap during business hours, to answer your questions, or give some specific advice, our Code Coaches will encourage you in the battle against big-gnarly-databases until your data needs are in perfect submission.


LassoLab Integrated Development Environment for Lasso

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