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The coolest features of this project.

We have created a hybrid web app that is 90% Lasso and 10% Cocoa (Objective-C). Apple was so impressed they invited us to be a WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) keynote speaker at the IT State of the Union in 2007 to show off the technology and our app.

Some of the coolest features of our app are: the bridge between Cocoa and Lasso, our user interface, and our workflow.

What end users experience or say

Great UI (User Interface), simple to use, feels like a desktop app, great features, amazing business app, it looks very "sexy" and it just works, love the mobile apps.

What others say about it

We were awarded the "Apple Staff Pick" for Elements CRM desktop. Fellow developers have commented on the cool technology, slick interface, and uniqueness of the app overall.

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