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The coolest features of this project.

The power, simplicity, and elegance of Lasso enabled the YE creators to take the big data experience to a new level where a near-perfect mix of technology and creativity encourages people working on various projects to quickly view, grasp, and apply unique economic data concepts in their communities.

New insights from these experiences are being disseminated among thought-leaders and politicians, which can lead to changes in US economic policy.

What end users experience or say

“Capital importation is important. It’s great to talk about buying local, but that keeps your economic pie the same size. Companies with external markets are what bring more dollars and jobs into your community and help you expand the pie.”
— Robin Scheu, executive director of the Addison County (Vt.) Economic Development Corp.

“I train more than 400 economic development professionals each year in entrepreneurship support strategies from all parts of the country. I useYE to customize these presentations to specific states, counties and regions, showcasing the rise or drop in numbers of businesses by stage, the growth or decline of specific industries — and to compare and contrast different regions. is a valuable tool to giving those of us in the field high quality, navigable data.”
— Maureen Collins-Williams, director of University of North Iowa’s Entrepreneurship Outreach and Regional Business Center

What others say about it

"We ( University of Wisconsin Extension Division of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (DEED)) are committed to creating data resources and data-driven insights that stimulate research on individual business performance and YE has been critical in reaching into the SBDCs in Wisconsin, and all over the country."
-Mark Lange, Executive Director Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

"Never seen this much data pulled from anywhere to anywhere contained in this JSON that loads so quickly"
-Matt Hoiland - Consultant/Developer

"YE is a highly interactive solution that enables you to dive deep into complex economic data in a matter of seconds, allowing the project’s managers to spend more time evolving the project’s features, and less time fielding usability inquiries."
-Julia Stoops, Founder, Creative Director, Lead Designer of Blue Mouse Monkey

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