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The coolest features of this project.

Who would have thought that a simple, easy-to-use, fully functional in-house custom website providing client online access and client capability to provide annuity payment and management instructions could be designed, coded, and implemented from the ground up on top of an existing FileMaker solution in just a few months by a new, part-time, amateur lasso developer using less than 600 kb?

Note: screenshots show the following:
-Login page one: provide username.
-If username is on file, login page two is displayed asking for password.
-Search page, including buttons for navigation to current list of annuities requiring instructions, and form to add new filings.
-Results of searching for a family of related patents, showing their current status, and allowing change in instruction for annuity management.
-Results of displaying annuities for a given patent, showing past payment status, and allowing change in instruction for payment of current annuity.

What end users experience or say

"Lumen has taken the worry out of patent annuity tracking through their Zinuity Patent Annuity Service. With their easy to use interface we are able to provide payment instructions and track the status of previous payments. We receive immediate service support always in a timely manner."
—Katharine Ku, Director, Office of Technology Licensing, Stanford University

What others say about it

I am the boss, and (since you asked) I think it is very nifty! No developer has yet viewed or commented. As for clients (this was an in-house development for our own firm, so our clients are our end users), see above.

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