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The coolest features of this project.

The Advocacy Portal allows internal users to keep track of legislators, their contact information, their associated staff members' contact information, their committee membership, etc. It allows internal users to keep track of each legislator's position on the various bills in the various legislative bodies, our company's own position on the same bills, as well as the positions of each hospital and hospital system in our member directory.

It can then allow internal users to send dynamic emails to a dynamically generated list to either legislators or to our grassroots coordinators across the state in various hospitals, based on certain criteria (such as what legislative district they're in, or what kind of hospital they work for).

What end users experience or say

This has allowed us to quickly respond to the changing political landscape by promoting grassroots efforts within our hospitals. It's quick, and does not require much training to get up-to-speed on how to use it.

What others say about it

This was developed using Brad Lindsay's rope framework and utilizing Bootstrap. It has plenty of flexibility to adapt to meet our future needs when our organization deals with legislators, as well as allowing external users to give us their feedback on their own organization's legislative positions.

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