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The coolest features of this project.

My Favorite module of our 13 main ones, is our Department of Defense Budget (DoD).
Taking the information the US Government publishes publicly on a yearly basis, placing it in to our database and linking that data to our custom modules tracking Contracts, Companies, Programs, and Customers we are able to provide the end user with a unique insight on what money is slated to go to what companies for what programs in the coming fiscal years.

One of my other favorites is our version of the FPDS (Federal Procurement Data System), it's massive. With over 35 million individual records within 14 fiscal years, breaking down to over 25 million unique contracts we are able to provide a unique view on government spending. Collecting, storing, and managing the data is a fun challenge. Not to mention getting speed out of that data set.

What end users experience or say

We have to understand what's happening in the information technology market place and need more than new variations on company rankings. To dig, investigate and explain what our competitors are doing, there's nothing like this service.

We rely on DACIS as an integral part of our work. The information is accurate and timely. DACIS provides the information on Budgets, Companies, News etc we need. DACIS is essential!

I have been using DACIS for almost 10 years now and continue to find that DACIS is the first place I go to find out industry related news. It is a invaluable one-stop resource for merger and acquisition related research, competitive analysis and easy access to detailed budget information.

What others say about it

Our product provides Competitive Intelligence in the Defense/ Aerospace Industry.

We track companies, what products they make, who their customers are, and how much federal money they are awarded for all things inside the Defense and Aerospace Industry.

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