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The coolest features of this project.

QR2id is a flexible system for identification and information management, as well as loss prevention and safety. When someone scans a QR2id Code, the target page by default includes a form to contact the owner of the QR2id Code, along with any other information the owner wishes to display.

QR2id Logging builds on this core functionality to provide a simple, secure and low cost solution to maintain logs, notes and expense records related to the item to which the QR2id Code is attached.

Logging important information for applications such as vehicle tax records, the care of wildlife, and equipment maintenance couldn't be easier with a QR2id Sticker or Plate. Simply scan the QR2id Code and touch the Log Entry button to bring up the form. QR2id remembers any special types of observations applicable and has them ready for you next time. e.g. Your last travel destination or some characteristic of in an animal care log, such as 'Snake Sheds'.

You can restrict entry of log records by requiring a PIN to be entered, and have the option of displaying recent log entries for a quick and convenient check on history.

QR2id provides a very quick and convenient way to also record expenses. Simply scan the QR2id Code and touch the Expenses button to bring up the form. Enter the details and touch save... it's that simple.

When you are logged into your QR2id Account you can review, update and add wildlife care and expense records, as well as export them to an Excel spreadsheet. Copies of scanned receipts can also be uploaded to the QR2id Code for convenient record keeping.

QR2id also lets you set reminders in relation to your QR2id Codes. While there are other calendar applications that you can choose to use for your reminders, QR2id provides a simple and convenient feature to remind you of anything specifically you need to be prompted about in relation to the application for your QR2id Code.

You can also upload photos and files related to the QR2id Code application, and even set these selectively to be available when the QR2id Code is scanned. For example, you may like to upload a care instruction sheet that is always accessible. Other files, such as a scan of the receipt of purchase or movement records can be set to be only accessible when you are logged into your QR2id Account.

What end users experience or say

"Really like it. Will recommend it to everyone" Jacques Griesel

Despite the complexity of the code behind the scenes, the simplicity for the user is the key. There are no proprietary apps required, just a QR Code Scanner and/or a web-browser. QR2id Logging works as easily from a smart phone as it does from a 27" iMac.

Being able to edit individual elements of records is so simple by clicking on the text "in-line". If the values are limited for the field, a select list appears to ensure data is entered consistently.

What others say about it

Overlaying the logging function on the existing QR2id Contact and *ICE* functions was not an easy ask, particularly with the need to keep the user experience tight and responsive. Jolle has taken the concepts and really optimised Lasso 9 code to present a truly powerful tool that is simple to use for a wide range of applications.

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