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The coolest features of this project.

QR2id is a multipurpose web-application to enhance safety and security for corporate and personal users. QR2id Key Rings, Discs, Tags, Stickers, Garment Labels, Plates, and Lock-Screens make it possible for important information to be displayed, and/or the owner to be contacted by email and/or SMS, when the QR2id Code is scanned or the Serial Number entered at

QR2id allows users to make certain information available to only authorised emergency services personnel - referred to as *ICE* (*In-Case-of-Emergency*) Profiles. The user is in full control over what information, if any, they want to be available in such circumstances where it may assist emergency services.

The benefits of having *ICE*/Emergency information available through QR2id Codes are clear, should the unthinkable occur. A QR2id Label on children's clothing or a QR2id Sticker on a bicycle helmet could provide time critical access to contact details and/or potentially life saving information. Situations such as a lost child at the beach or large event can be resolved almost immediately with *ICE* details on a QR2id Label (accessible only to authorised emergency services personnel).

The process of adding *ICE*/Emergency information is guided by a form that includes typical information users may want to make available, but users can add any information they wish. Each piece of information added to an *ICE* Profile is highly encrypted for storage in the QR2id database (1024 bit). This ensures that the data remains protected and cannot be accidentally exposed to an unauthorised party.

*ICE* Profiles can be attached to any QR2id Codes in the user's account. A shared QR2id Code, such as on a key ring, can have multiple *ICE* Profiles attached. When a QR2id Code is scanned and there is an associated *ICE* Profile, a message to emergency services is displayed with a link to a simple form to retrieve the *ICE* Profile information.

An email address from a previously authorised emergency services domain is required and the *ICE* Profile information is emailed on submission of the form, with a copy to the owner of the QR2id Code (this ensure transparency in any access of *ICE* information).

The whole solution makes use of responsive design techniques and extensively leverages Ajax and client side functionality to enhance the user experience in both configuring and retrieving *ICE* information. Given the serious nature of the application, it must work well on all sorts of devices and be intuitive for the user.

What end users experience or say

When a person is unable to speak for themselves, either through injury, disorientation or other communication difficulty, QR2id makes it possible to quickly and conveniently access emergency contact information.

From a police perspective, it is unlikely that the QR2id Code will be scanned in the field, but being able to radio the QR2id Serial Number into the Communications Centre and have it decoded via the website to obtain information will save a great deal of time and resources, and potentially hours of anxiety for loved ones wondering what has happened.

Having a QR2id Contact Plate at the door to my father's house allows his carers to immediately send a text message to my sister and I simultaneously, without them needing to look up details and the in-case-of-emergency information is also accessible should it be needed.

What others say about it

NB: This submission was made by Rick Draper as Manager in recognition of Jolle Carlestam, Senior Developer, Amtac Professional Services Pty. Ltd.

Jolle has done an exceptional job of taking this concept and turning it into a reliable and effective service. Being modular, code is able to be reused across other aspects of the QR2id Application and it is a very real possibility that this application will save many lives.

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