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The coolest features of this project.

Unique, first of its kind, large data JSON using Lasso inline loops and arrays, and Lasso formats and definitions for decimal formatting. It allow users to simply click on tabs or button and see information change instantly without reloading page or waiting another programing language to load, regardless of what region or time period being viewed.

What end users experience or say

This has become the largest, easiest to use source for information on the U.S. economy. One of many actual quotes below:

"Before you can understand how you're going to grow, you have to undertand how you've grown in the past - and YourEconomy can show you that."

Nicholas Brake
President/CEO - Greater Owensboro Economic Development Council
Owensboro, Ky

What others say about it

"Never seen this much data pulled from anywhere to anywhere contained in this JSON that loads so quickly"

Matt Hoiland - Consultant/Developer

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