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The coolest features of this project.

TMS is written entirely in Lasso programming language (LDML).
It integrates several technologies and environments into a single user interface and application. Lasso was supported JQuery framework for better interaction and quality of application.
TMS creates a unified platform for manufacturers, suppliers, customers, freight forwarders, hauliers and other third parties, which greatly facilitates daily mutual communication and simplifies and automates logistics processes.

What end users experience or say

Using is very nice, fast and arranged.
TMS allows us to access and automate the processing of EDI and iDOC messages between our SAP system and our suppliers and customers who do not use SAP.
TMS made available to and simplifies logistic processes. It creates a unified environment for carriers, suppliers, customers, hauliers and supply of production.
TMS significantly optimizes transport costs and processes in our special logistics.

What others say about it

TMS has been developed for the purpose of simplifying the complex logistics processes and simplify communication. We met this target and we are working on expanding this concept.

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