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The coolest features of this project.

SiteWelder has 3000 live sites and approximately 1000 demo sites running off of one directory. The system allows users to switch the layout, colors and logos on the fly using a few mouse clicks. Recently we have added support for Vimeo videos, using Vimeo's XML feeds so that as users add video to their Vimeo accounts, or albums, they automatically appear in galleries they have set up on their SiteWelder account. We have also added support for Google Web fonts, allowing users to tailor the look and feel of their sites on a whole new level.

Example sites include: - Pete Souza, White House Photographer - Storm Chaser

More can be seen here:

What end users experience or say

"Sitewelder is the best thing going. The designs are awesome and are easy to change. The Search Engine Optimization works. My site is high on people's searches. The proof is I am getting more inquiries and work from new clients based on their searches."

"Sitewelder is the way I like it, finaly a site who "understands" me and my PC. No fancy xtra downloads needed, The program is quite easy to use and i rally like the profesional design but most og all it is so easy it can be. And for me the suppotrt seem to be great. Quick respond makes me going on with the things i like. To take pictures, no wasting of time sitting by the PC with troubleshooting"


"With Site Welder';s user-friendly interface tools and great customer service I was able to build my photography web site quickly and efficiently without any stress.

I love that fact that with just the click of a button I can upload images, build new galleries and change the design. I could never have done this on my own."

-Elizabeth Holmes

"SiteWelder has been an invaluable resource to me and my staff. In an industry that is not known for their excellent customer service, SiteWelder stands out. SiteWelder delivers their services quickly and efficiently. Their templates are contemporary, high-end and very easy to use. They have exceeded our high expectations."

Ashley Carter
Manager at"

What others say about it


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