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The coolest features of this project.

A "take a photo for an ID card, use the browser and webcam to do it" solution using Lasso to serve the pages and process the image.

Start screen allows operator to pick a connected webcam and take a photo to be used for an ID card. Any internet connected computer can be used and it's possible to use several workstations at the same time.
As soon as the photo is taken it's uploaded to the server as a base64 encoded file in the background. The image is saved to a temporary table and a sample photo that's scaled to the absolute minimum quality is sent back to the operator. This file is used to crop the image to a suitable size restricting the crop to the correct ratio and to ensure the resulting file has sufficient resolution. Since different webcams can have different native resolution, the crop tool calculates the minimum size on the actual size of the uploaded image. Once the crop is finished only the crop coordinates are sent to the server where the actual crop is performed on the original image.

What end users experience or say

The simplicity of the tool is greatly appreciated by our operators, mainly security guards. Since the tool is so easy to use there is no need to have special trainings. A simple introduction is enough to get a new guard comfortable with the handling.
It is also a very fast solution. Taking a picture and logging the relevant user data is a matter of a minute or two.
When there's need for it additional workstations can be quickly deployed to reduce queuing of future cardholders.

What others say about it

Client is very satisfied with the convenient handling of ID card production and the increase in quality the new Amtac developed processes has contributed with.

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